My Painting process

Hello... I thought I might create a page that shows how I work, and the materials I work with.. in case anyone is interested.   I know, I am always interested in learning how other artists go about creating their work.  It's a fascinating thing, because they are all so different!
I'm not very set in my ways,  I like to try different methods, and materials... but it seems I do have some favorites.
I like to paint still life paintings, and like to work from life.  It works out best for me that way.  Every so often I work from a photo that I have taken, but I find that a photo has limited information..  I like having the live information right in front of me to paint by.
           I like to use flat hardboard panels made by Ampersand.  The "Gessobord" and "Hardbord" panels I prefer are 1/8 inch thick and come in lots of sizes, but I like the small ones best.  I tone the white gesso surface with thinned raw umber and let it dry before I paint.  The Hardbord panels have to be primed with gesso first, so I do 2 coats of that, and then once it's dry, I tone it with the umber.   From time to time,  I paint on canvas or linen, but the boards are what I use most.
          The paints I use are Winsor and Newton Artist's oils, and recently have been using a medium of linseed oil, stand oil and turpentine to thin my paints a bit.                                                 

My goal when I start a painting is to finish it in the same sitting.  Sometimes that works out, but when it doesn't, I continue the next day.

Once the painting is finished, and dry, I brush a layer of Grumbacher "Picture Varnish" over the surface.  I like this varnish, it's has a nice sheen to it, but not too glossy.  I let it dry on a covered shelf in the studio.

Once a painting has sold,  I carefully wrap it,  first in wax paper, then colored tissue paper, tie a ribbon around it and attach it's certificate.  It gets wrapped in bubble wrap and tucked into a large padded envelope. I most often ship USPS 1st class, with tracking info.
Thank you to all who have chosen one of my paintings to have as their own!