Thursday, March 6, 2008

something different

I have been wanting to paint some decorative objects lately. I had painted a little wooden box, and a tray a few months ago and I really enjoyed it. Now, I'm getting some new ideas for more. I'm posting a picture of the new ones I have just started, and the ones that are already finished.

Wooden tray painted with white gesso.

This is a little box painted with gesso and I have penciled in a design on it. My idea is to make it look like a lace doily laying over the box... we'll see how it comes out. I may even change my mind about it...

This sweet little box is my favorite. Painted with acrylic paints to realistically depict a pretty bow, and little viola flowers and even a tiny lady bug. The bottom is also painted to look like the ribbon continues all the way around the box.

This is another of my favorites. The same type of tray as shown above, unfinished, but I have painted it to look as if it has an inlaid wood design. I also added a realistic looking moth and flower just for fun!

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