Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nectarine, and Green Grapes.

Oil on 5x7 canvas panel

Here is my finished painting, the grapes were a very hard thing to paint, I don't know what my problem is with green!!! I can't seem to realize how yellow some green things are. Maybe I should just forget about putting any green out on my palette, and just use the yellow, and blue. I had a teacher once explain that it was a good idea, when painting green things, especially in landscapes, not to use a green, because then you're stuck with it, you can't adjust it toward yellow, or blue... Actually, that was in a watercolor class, so I suppose, in oil it would be different, you can always change it... Anyway, after a few tries, I was happy with the way they came out. The reds and oranges in the nectarine seemed for me to be much easier to understand, and to paint. I also changed the position of the nectarine a bit, the stem seemed too close to the center, it looks better turned to the side a bit.

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