Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cantalope Slices and Strawberry, 5x7

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I thought my cantalope painting looked a little dull, (pictured a couple posts below) so I added a strawberry, and now I like it much better!! I also touched up the orange color in the cantalope to make it a bit prettier. That one little strawberry took me the longest time to get the way I wanted it, I must have used every color of red I own to paint it! Let's see..., aliz. crimson, winsor red, permanent rose, perylene red, light red, and also cad. orange, and yellow... yellow ochre, and thalo green.

The top picture was taken outdoors, and the bottom pic was taken indoors. ( The color of the cantalope in the top picture is most like the actual painting) I wanted to post both so you can see the difference lighting makes!
Hope you like it,

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  1. Really lovely! The strawberry made the orange pop out. Good choice. The extra effort on the strawberry shows.


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