Thursday, July 17, 2008

I painted on a 6"x8" canvas panel today, ( I recieved a couple packages of them for my birthday! plus some 8"x10"s also, theres no better gift for me than art supplies, thats for sure!) I've been getting so used to the 5"x7" that the extra space seemed to loosen me up a bit. I also made myself sketch a bit before I painted. That's something that I always mean to do, but always seem to skip over. I get ahead of myself and just want to get painting. Well, I did a painting of a lemon that I cut a couple of wedges out of, and I added a few of those golden cherries in around it. The time I spent sketching, and planning a bit, really helped. It seemed to make a difference in the finished painting. I have to wait to take a picture of it though, because my husband has the camera with him, and he's away for a couple of days.

Thank you everyone for your positive comments! I appreciate it very much!

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