Friday, July 25, 2008

Red Delicious Apple

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Oil on Board, 5"x7"

I wanted to paint this gorgeous red delicious apple today. I bought a couple of them only because I loved their color, such a deep plum colored red. I had a nice afternoon sketching, and picking out a nice background color (using my color wheel to help me visualize the options..) I loved painting in all the reds and deep red/violet, but, when it came time to do the highlight,I had a hard time trying to figure out the color of it. I tried blue, and a purple... and nothing looked right, then I finally tried a trick I learned in an art class when I was a teenager. I was having trouble finding the values of shadows and reflections on a white statue, and the teacher suggested that I roll up a piece of paper into a tube, and look through it at the spot I was having trouble with, doing that isolates the spot, and shuts out any other nearby colors or values or shapes that are influencing what you're seeing. She also showed me that I could also just roll my hand into a fist, leaving just enough room to peek through, and look through that. It works pretty good. On my apple I could easily see the color in the highlight. I was so happy!!!!


  1. Debbie, You've done it again! This is maybe the most lovely painting of an apple I've seen! Really. You'll have a bidding war on this beauty for sure.
    I love looking a your little brush- strokes up close in an enlarged image. When reduced or from a distance it looks perfectly smooth. Your work is so delicate yet so confident and always well designed.

  2. I can smell the apple! It make me thirsty:-)


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