Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flowers with Banana and Lemon

Oil on 8"x10" canvas panel

Winter is getting a bit pushy around here lately. We had such a nice mild autumn up until a week or 2 ago. Since then it's been icy cold, windy and rainy. My garden looks pretty beat up, but I managed to pick a few survivors for a painting. I'm not sure what these yellow flowers are called, but they are very sturdy and last a long time into the cold weather. The purple ones are bachelor buttons. I had no idea they were such a hardy flower, but they seem to have outlasted most others in the garden. I started this painting yesterday without much hope for it, but I continued with it today, and I feel much better about it. I think I am a little more patient today, and find it easier to continue a painting, rather than starting something new. and besides, the weather is bitterly cold, windy, and they are talking about a bit of snow in the forecast. I hope I don't see any of those little white flurries for a while. I'm just not ready. I'd much rather stay inside and paint.


  1. Debbie, I love seeing your set up. It's so interesting to see what the artist sees. That is a huge lemon! Ours are smaller down here in the south LOL. Your yellow flowers look a lot like Coneflowers. They come in bright pink and lavender. Maybe they come in yellow also.

    I really like the way you handled the glass vase and water. Very nicely done and the overall painting done like the expert you are with these still lifes.

  2. Marilyn, thanks for your wonderful comments! It's always nice to receive a comment here and there, it makes me feel a little more motivated to continue painting regularly.


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