Thursday, October 23, 2008

October Rose in a Saki Cup

Oil on 5"x5" Ampersand Gessobord
There aren't many roses left on the bushes outside, we've had quite a few windy, chilly days, and a few nights that the temperature dipped down into the low 30's. I still have flowers in the garden that have survived though, lots of zinnias, and merrigolds, impatiens, morning glories, etc... I want to try to paint flowers more often, and I'm happy with how this one came out. I may replace this photo, when I get a chance to take a better one. This one was taken outdoors on a very cloudy day, the colors are much cooler than they should be.


  1. This rose looks so cute in the little cup. The last time I painted a rose, I totally blew it and wiped it all off. I've been too chicken to try again. You did a great job, not too fussy and not too generic or stereotyped. I've heard others exclaim the difficulty of painting roses, so consider yourself a pro now! LOL

  2. Thanks Marilyn, whenever I try to paint a flower, I usually end up wiping it away. That's why you don't see many flowers on my blog. But, I keep trying, because I just love flowers! and I love paintings of flowers. I'd like to be able to paint them more often.


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