Monday, January 5, 2009

Broken Egg shells in a Measuring Cup 5x7 o/b

I made pancakes the other morning, and noticed how I had left the egg shells in the measuring cup. It looked so interesting to me, I wanted to try and paint it. This picture isn't the best, I'll have to try to get a better one tomorrow.

I'm finally happy with the surface I'm painting on. I was always experimenting with different types of ways to seal the gessoed surface of the board, so it didn't have such a dry feel to it while I painted. I tried everything from a coat of acrylic paint, or acrylic medium, sprays, turpentine thinned oil paint, different medium mixes with paint... on and on.. and on.... until I'd forget what I had coated which boards with which thing... and most of the time the surface would wind up too slick, and frustrating to paint on. Anyway. I just finally decided to try brushing some paint on the board, and wiping it down until there is just a stain of paint left on the surface. And that seems to work for me. Why I couldn't have thought of that in the first place, I don't know. :)


  1. Nicely done, Debbie. I like how the reflection of the spoon looks on the side of the pot, (and is that a windowed curtain reflected inside the spoon?)

    It's interesting that you describe a thin stain of paint on your panel as your best start, and that is what I do on my egg tempera panels half the time too, although it's water-based. Are you using a rabbit-skin glue type gesso, or is it acrylic?

  2. Mona, Thank you! there is a window reflected in the spoon.
    The panels I've been using already have gesso on them. I use an acrylic gesso to prime other panels and canvas too, and I've never used the rabbit-skin type.


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