Saturday, February 14, 2009

Irish Whiskey

I started this painting a few days ago, and I'm not happy with it, and didn't finish. I think I'm going to set it aside and move on to something else. It pictures a crock of Irish whiskey, and a glass with some whiskey in it. I had a picture in my mind of how the painting could look, but it just never seemed to get there. I felt like I was always correcting things in the painting, and then finding new things to fix every time I looked at it. The glass looked so pretty in real life, with the light shining through the amber colored liquid. And the deep green color and the shape of the crock were interesting... but, it's just not turning out how I wanted it to. The glass was never straight,the shape of the crock never even, the highlights never right, etc etc... but, I thought I would post it anyway. Not every painting is going to turn out right the first time. Maybe I'll try it another day.

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  1. You are too hard on yourself. The crock is such a wonderful color and shape. I think it looks great.


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