Friday, April 24, 2009

"Yellow Flowers and Green Grapes" (in progress)

Oil on 6x8 canvas panel
These little yellow flowers come up every spring around this time, and I don't know what they are. I never planted them, and every year there are more. They might even be weeds, but I don't mind, they are the first and only things in my garden right now.
I have been a little distracted from painting lately since there is alot of spring clean up to do in the yard, and I get restless on sunny days and can't sit inside to think about painting. So, I've been doing other things, and now it's nice to get back in front of my easel and paint a picture.
I used only a few colors again with this one. Two reds, two blues and two yellows( one warm, one cool), plus white. I find it easier to deal with only a few colors lately. It seems to make the mixing easier, and all the colors in the painting match better.


  1. Eat that Chocolate already will ya.

  2. Wow, great painting, those grapes look fabulous.

  3. Sandie, thanks for the laugh :) I didn't realize I had left that chocolate in the picture until after I posted it. I didn't think anyone would notice! haha
    Thanks Vern, I like the grapes too!


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