Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Peony Bud" 6"x6"

Oil on gessobord.
I have white peonies in my garden that I have been wanting to paint. I have vases full of them in the house, but I just couldn't seem to do a good painting of them. Until one day, I thought I'd try to just do one bud, and I was happy with the result. Maybe one of these days I'll figure out how to do the whole vase full of open flowers. Too bad peonies don't last long. They seem to open all at once, and after a couple of weeks, they're all gone.


  1. Beautiful Work! You motivate me to start painting again and will visit often

  2. Debbie, this is a lovely non-traditional approach to the subject of painting a flower...wonderful!

  3. Wow Debbie beautiful work. Keep exercising your amazing talent. I am an artist too and was thinking of putting up my own page here. have you got much exposure from being on here? Your feedback would be invaluable to me. Happy fourth !! :D

  4. The fleeting life of some flowers is what makes them so special.
    One wouldn't appreciate them so much if they hung around all summer.
    I just found your blog; very nice work.


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