Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Pair of Poppies" Oil on Canvas, 11"x14"

(in progress)

These oriental poppies were from my garden, I took a picture of them back in June. I found out a long time ago, poppies don't do well cut and put in a vase, they droop after only a few minutes. But, they look so gorgeous and big when they are put in a vase, away from the usual garden setting. I wanted to make a larger painting of them. Here are some photos of my progress. I'll finish it up tomorrow.


  1. It's gorgeous Debbie! It looks done already. Great dimension in the flower, and I love your decision to subdue the vase and background.

  2. These poppies are just so exciting! I love how the painting is coming along. Very dramatic indeed.

  3. Mona and Melody, Thank you for the great comments, it's interesting, and inspiring to hear what others see when they look at my work


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