Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oil on watercolor paper

Oil on watercolor paper, 5" x7"
I went to an art festival recently and saw some wonderful paintings by an artist who said he like to work in oil on heavy watercolor paper. So, I thought I'd try a little experiment and do an oil painting on some watercolor paper. I put a coat of gesso on it, and let it dry, and did this painting of an orange on a white cloth. I changed the color of the background and shadows many times, and wasn't too concerned with ending up with a finished painting, I was just playing around. Then I got an impulse to put this blue/green color in the shadows and I really liked it like that. So, that's where I left it. I might try this again and do a more finished painting.


  1. Looks pretty darned good! Did you like the feel of working on the paper?

  2. Love your work - go get your award at my blogspot!

  3. Looks wonderful. You have inspired me to try it.


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