Thursday, November 26, 2009

"The Pink Flower that starts with "A"...

Oil on 8"x10" Canvas Panel
These pink flowers came as part of a larger bouquet. I always see these flowers in bouquets and never remember their name, other than - it starts with an "a". So, I made a point of looking it up, and they are called "Alstroemeria" (no wonder I can't ever remember it).
You can read about them here if you like.
This painting was difficult to take a picture of, because as the lighting changed, the reds and pinks seem to appear cooler or warmer. In warm indoor light or sunlight, the pinks seem more of a coral color, and outdoors in cooler light, or cool light from a window, the pinks and reds seem more magenta. After taking many pictures of it, the image I'm posting is the one I feel represents it the best. (at least on my monitor it does, there are always subtle differences on each monitor.)
and btw, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


  1. Lovely painting - Happy Turkey to you too!

  2. This is wonderful, especially the way the blossoms are peeking out from the shadows.

  3. This is really beautiful, Debbie. I admire your work so much, it is always so consistent in good composition, excellent handling of color and a high skill level in paint application. Each piece is a little jewel to be treasured. You have a lot of happy collectors out there no doubt!

  4. A precious painting, lovely colours!


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