Friday, January 8, 2010

"Coffee and 1/2 of a Cannoli"

Oil on 5"x7" Hardboard Panel
I liked the look of this white on white composition and after I finished painting it, I realized that I could have used the same palette to paint the scene outside. Nothing but snow out there, white ground, white sky, white street, white on white. And a little bit of brown for the trees. It must be in my subconscience.
Oh, by the way, the cannoli did not go to waste, as many of my subjects do as they sit for days and get stale, or over ripe, or whatever the case may be. Just as soon as I was satisfied with how the cannoli looked in my painting, I ate it.


  1. Beautiful work- I've eaten many a cannoli myself, and yours rings true. Great use of white, which always befuddles me.
    Thanks for leaving your encouraging comment on my blog. Your paintings always seem to have such realistic detail, yet never look overworked; that's a great quality I strive to work towards.

  2. That cannoli does look good enough to eat. What a great job on this piece. Snow snow everywhere, I know what you mean...and cold here too.

  3. What a great job on the whites.
    That cannoli looks mighty yummy.
    Just think of the starving artists in Wyoming when you eat such things.

  4. Excellent Work! I love the cup, so real you can imagine reaching for it, grabbing the spoon to stir and of course tasting that cannoli. A fantastic display of your your ability!


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