Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back from my Visit...

I'm back from my trip. It was a great time spent with friends, and even got to visit the National Gallery of Art for the first time!!!! What an awesome beautiful place that is!!!! Now, I've got to get myself back into reality, catch up with things at home, and hopefully get into my studio soon and start painting again.


  1. Welcome back. Looks like I'm the first to wish you many happy days of painting.....

  2. I just checked your blog last night to see if you had started back up - a true follower! Sounds like you had a nice break, and getting to see the art in the National Gallery is phenomenal. I've been there, but never seem to get to see all of the work on display!

  3. Thank you everyone.. I did have a great trip, and I think I would love to go back, that Gallery is just too huge to see everything in one visit!!


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