Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Venus of the Doves" 8"x10" WIP

I took many pictures of the artwork and sculptures during my visit to the National Gallery of Art. I thought that I might try to do a painting or drawing of them when I got home. So, here is my work in progress, or "wip". This is a marble sculpture called "Venus of the Doves". I am absolutely amazed by sculptures like this... I can't seem to think in this sort of 3D perspective. I can understand adding to the form, like in working with clay, but carving away from a solid form, to take away the negative space to leave the positive, is something I have a hard time imagining. So, when I see sculptures and statues like this, I am astounded by them!! It's such a mystery to me how they were created. A solid peice of rough marble stone turned into soft smooth forms! And the light falling on the forms is so beautiful.. I hope this painting will turn out nicely...


  1. Awesome, Debbie. You've taken on quite a challenge and it looks like you can handle it nicely. Look forward to seeing the finished piece.

  2. It is already beautiful, Debbie. I'm with you on wondering just how they do this!


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