Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Sweet Cherries"

Oil on 5"x7" hardboard
I've been trying to keep my paintings a bit looser, I always seem to like the look of them less "finished" But, I always wind up tightening them up a bit, and I loose the freshness of it. I tried keeping this painting of cherries a bit looser.


  1. They look scrumptious, Debbie. Nice shine.

  2. The leaning bowl is interesting, I like it a lot!
    It is a funny thing we artists do. We practice and strive for years to learn how to get the best likeness in our paintings and when we finally master it we want to loosen up and become more impressionistic. We are never happy are we? Or maybe we just have the desire to expand and grow, that is how I like to see it.
    Your style of realism is such a nice blend of detail and perfection and still, when examined closely, you can see your fine an sensitive brushwork. Gee, I wouldn't change a thing!

  3. They sure look yummy, Debbie! I'd like to pluck them from the screen!


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