Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Lemon, Lime and Cherries"

Oil on 5"x7" hardboard
I had a hard time painting the green color of this lime. I think it's because there are so many ways to make green, I can never decide which way to go. I tried using different blues and yellows together. Prussian blue, winsor(thalo) blue, cad.yellows, yellow ochre, raw sienna.. but it seemed like the more yellow I added to the blue to make it green, the lighter it got. I needed a very dark green. So, then I tried using a green to start with; viridian, winsor green, sap green, and adding yellows or deep reds like earth red to it. After many experiments, I found that any green I made needed much more red in it than I imagined. I'm always learning and re-learning things like this every time I paint. I don't think that will ever change.


  1. Beautiful result...and now I am going to find a roll of fruit flavored Life Savers...

  2. Looks like you got it right, Debbie. I do love your cherries color too, deep color not bright red. Perfect!

  3. Absolutely great texture on the lime, lemon and even the cherries. They look so very real. Lime peel green is my absolute favorite color of green and you've done a great job in blending your colors to achieve it.


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