Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Watermelon Still Life"

Oil on 6"x6" hardboard panel

(below) My set up, and painting in progress...

I wanted to do a composition that was a triangle shape within this square panel, and this wedge of watermelon seemed to do the trick! The green grapes added a nice compliment to the red colors of the other fruit. I took quite a few pictures out doors on a partly cloudy day. Some of the images were brighter, and some in a lower light. I had a hard time choosing just one to post, so I thought I would just post a couple, why not? I think it might give a better impression of how the painting looks in different light.


  1. This is amazing, Debbie. Your colors are so true to life. Yes, the triangle watermelon was a great idea.

  2. You sure love your fruit in your family! They make such exquisite subjects for your paintings too. Let's I am really wanting cherries! Yep, they look so ripe and so sweet! Great job on this one too, Debbie!

  3. The colors and the swirls in the melon are just enchanting!

  4. Beautiful work.
    Great composition and wonderful brush work.

  5. I always love your reds!!! The watermelon swirls make this very special, it is the first thing to grab my attention. Really wonderful piece.

  6. Love it!! The geometry of the watermelon is a lovely compliment to the rounds of the graps and cherries, lovely.


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