Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Black Plum with Peach"

Available on "Fresh Paint Daily Painters"

Oil on 5"x7" hardboard panel
I'm enjoying painting this black plum, it has such a beautiful dark color and subtle reflections in it's skin. Also, I have rediscovered chromium oxide green, (or oxide of chromium). I've had a tube kicking around in my paint box for... years? Don't know why I've been ignoring it. I have been experimenting lately with various mixtures to produce green, using blues and thalo green, and viridian with yellows. The c o green is really great! Very opaque and makes nice natural looking greens when mixed with different yellows, or add blue or brown to make it darker. Add a tiny bit to any red, with a touch of yellow and see what happens!!.. A juicy looking red just right for painting strawberries!!
Thanks to everyone for the awesome comments!! You're the best :)


  1. That plum is amazing! I'm beginning to think you paint with a magnifying glass suspended over your work- all those little brushstrokes. The reds look amazing, I'll get out my chromium oxide green and try it with red. Thanks for the tip.

  2. This plum and the reflection in it are great. Your green mixtures are interesting.

  3. I just love the gorgeous images of fruit here! You are doing an excellent job!

  4. Love the varied reflections on the different fruits, beautiful work.

  5. This is a truly wonderful painting, with the plum bing the star!


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