Friday, August 13, 2010

"Hosta Leaves and Petunias"

Oil on hardboard panel, 5"x7"
I like the green and white pattern on these hosta leaves. The little petunia flowers are from a hanging basket I have. I added them to the painting for some color. They look like petunias, but they are much smaller, I'm not sure exactly what they are called.
Every time I paint something green, I experiment with a different mixture of colors to see what works best. This time I used prussian blue with different yellows. I've used thalo blue, or viridian, or winsor green, and I've come to think that it doesn't make much difference to me which way I mix it, they all are pretty close once you add yellows and bits of brown or red to it.

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  1. What gorgeous little flowers! The hasta...hosta...?...leaves look perfect and even waxy. Are the leaves that waxy texture? If so, you've done a great job capturing them! A perfectly pretty painting!


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