Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Mask with Dove" or " A Little Bird Told Me..."

Oil on 5x7 inch hardboard panel

One of the things I really enjoy drawing are faces. I've had this ceramic mask for years, and I always look at it, and see a painting.. but I always put it off and do something else. I finally decided to play with it a little and found that with the addition of the blue tissue paper, it started to look interesting. I added the little dove beside it..(I have a bunch of different things hanging around on shelves, and the dove caught my eye). It's little red beak matched the mask's red lips and cheeks. I love the blue, and the way it reflected into the shadows. I played with cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, winsor violet and permanent rose in combination with white.
It took me forever to get a good photo though, the blue in every picture came out neon bright, and absolutely glowed in the shadows!! The real painting was not at all like the pictures... so I tried different settings, different lighting... tried photoshop alterations... and I have finally come up with a photo I am satisfied with. At least, on my monitor it looks right... if the blue is overwhelming on your monitor, just know that it is not quite that intense!


  1. Debbie, this one is really special! My favorite to date. The bird brings the mask to life.

    Have you considered entering it in a competition?

  2. Thank you Mona, I never thought about entering into a competition before, that's an interesting idea!

  3. I think this is one awesome still life setup and it made for a gorgeous painting, Debbie. I love the tissue paper idea too. I don't set up still lifes but it is always a thought in the back of my mind and you just might have added the interest factor with the tissue paper! Love that idea!

  4. Very beautiful, really captured the porcelain feel.

  5. You WOW me with this piece.
    Beautiful and great idea.


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