Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Wine with Grapes"

Oil on 8x6 hardboard panel

This is another painting I started last week but I didn't like the heavy dark background it had. (Just the opposite situation from the painting I did in my last post.) So... I thought I might try some lighter neutral background color. I like my dark backgrounds, but I think I'd like something lighter, and fresher for a change. I painted some pieces of poster board with some different light shades of acrylic craft paint. I put a sheet under the grapes and glass and another behind, changing the colors until I got something I liked, a warm gray behind, and a buff color below. The shadow from the glass was a little odd looking to me at first, but I kind of like it now. It's different!


  1. Another fabulous piece, Deb. I like the shadow because I've seen shadows just like this, depending on where the sun is and how it comes through a window. I realize this is probably an artificial light source, but same effect.

  2. Another beautiful one, Debbie. Enjoy your day.

  3. Debbie your work is sooooooo beautiful, I just love to view them they are peaceful and perfect!

  4. Debbie,
    I just discovered your work. It is all so magnificent. I have a decorative painting company on Long Island, NY, and am trying to get into the habit of creating small paintings. You truly are an inspiration.
    Debbie Viola


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