Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Petunias and Cherry"

Oil on 5x7 inch hardboard panel

I thought I'd try painting these petunias again on a light background.  I set them in a small white bowl, and added the cherry in the corner where it seemed a bit too empty.  I don't usually paint flowers and it's really deceiving how much they actually move while painting them.  It isn't noticeable until you go back to a certain flower and it's in a different position than before, and it's in a more interesting position, and you have to decide whether to leave it alone or change it!  These petunias were fun to paint though, with their interesting shapes and unusual color.


  1. Amazing color! An altogether lovely piece, Debbie!

  2. What a delicate bowl, and beautiful cherry!

  3. The flowers are very flowing and natural. Gorgeous work.


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