Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Lemon and Cherries 7/11" Oil on 7x5 board

  This painting started out as sort of an experiment just to try out a couple of new brushes I had, to kind of see how the paint would go on.  I painted a few things just as a test, and wiped them off, but when I painted the cherries, I liked them and didn't want to wipe them off.  But, I had to add something.. so I added the whole lemon.  But.. it still needed something, so I cut some wedges off the lemon and arranged those a few different ways, and took a bite of one of the cherries and put that in.   I also went through many different shades of blue/green/gray at the top, scraping each shade off and adding a new one with a palette knife... and I liked the rough look the knife created in the paint, so I left it that way once I found the shade I liked.  It is more gray than blue, I think it might appear brighter on monitors than it is in life.
 I usually plan my set up before I paint, but this one just came about a bit differently.


  1. I love the paint texture! This is gorgeous, Debbie. :o)

  2. I like this too, Debbie. The texture in the blue immediately caught my eyes and there is something so soft in this palette.


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