Monday, August 8, 2011

"Black Grapes and Cabernet Sauvignon" Oil on 8x6 linen panel

This is a glass of cabernet sauvignon, a dark red wine that I bought so that I could paint a picture of it with these beautiful black grapes.  The grapes were delicious, but the wine... I wasn't fan.  Well, not a big fan, it didn't go to waste.  :-)
I especially like the way the cold wine caused moisture to condensate on the glass.  It was a warm day, and the wine sat while I painted, and that little patch of wetness sweating on the side eventually disappeared as the wine warmed up.  But, I kept it in my picture. 
This is painted on a Belgian linen panel, and has a fine texture to the surface that photographed a little grainy, especially when I decreased the size of the image for posting.  The original looks a bit smoother in person.  


  1. Lovely composition. Great job on that glass of wine...beautiful reflected light. Glad it didn't go to waste!


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