Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Work in progress.... Acorn Squash 8x8

I thought I would post a picture of my progress on this squash painting. If I would have thought of it sooner in the painting process, I could have shown how I started, which was on a dry toned board, sketching shapes lightly in with a small dry bristle brush and a small amount of burnt umber paint.  I think the type of squash is a white acorn squash.  The tomatoes are from a friends garden, they are "heirloom" tomatoes and have different shades of orange and red, and have a long shape.  I have a few small details to finish on it, like the little tendrils on the stem end of the tomatoes.  I hope I can get it finished and get a good picture of it today, tomorrow it will be raining, and I like to take my pictures outside in natural light.  We'll see how it goes.   Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey, I'm painting an acorn squash right now too, except it's a dark blue-green one with stripes, and I've got red peppers around mine. I'm glad you posted, I had a problem with the ground color, and seeing yours helps.
    Steal from the right people!

  2. You have already done a good job! I like the upper one best.

  3. Love the composition and your work is top notch! I've been out here admiring for a while. Love the fact that you used different varieties of vegetables Thanks for sharing.


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