Monday, March 26, 2012

"Pitcher and Lemon" Oil on 6x8 board

I painted this from a picture I took quite a while ago.   I remember setting some things up, and taking pictures to get ideas for paintings, and I forgot about them.   I usually prefer to paint from life, because all the information I need is right in front of me.   A photo seems to pale in comparison, but in this case... I think it helped.    I printed the picture on regular printer paper, and it was pale and off color.  I used it to get the basics down, and then the rest was up to me.  It was kind of nice just to color in what ever way I wanted, and not trying so hard to match every color to my set up.  It came out much looser too, which I like.   I feel like the looser touch might be because I've been drawing alot lately with my pastel sticks, and I like the sketchy look of them.  I think I might try to carry that over into my painting a little more. 

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