Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Pear, Rose and Cherries" Oil on 5x7 board


I liked the green of the pear, and leaves against the red rose and cherries in this one. 
I'm feeling my work is a little inconsistent lately, and I have a few paintings lying around that I have finished, that are ok... but... there is something missing.  They will have to sit until I figure out what to do with them.   This one I like! ... but sometimes I feel like I have to move on to a new level...   I just have to figure out how to get there. 
(that reminds me of my little 7 year old cousin, that I sometimes babysit.  He plays his video games, and talks about "beating the next level", and "what level can you get to?"  lol...I'm no good at video games, but
I think I'll always be working toward a new "art work" level.. )


  1. Beautiful light on the rose. And I love the bright green of the pear against the deeper colors that surround it. Lovely!

  2. Hi Debbie- isn't that always the way?
    I just got back home, started painting, and find I'm back into my 'tight' habits again. I really thought I was making headway with it. I'm all over the place too, lately, but maybe that's better than staying at the same level!
    This painting is great; sometimes when I'm painting and it's not going well, I look at your past stuff to see 'where am I going wrong?' Sometimes it helps!


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