Friday, September 7, 2012

"Orange and Red Ribbon" 4x4 inches o/b


I very often find that things I happen to see around the house are posed more interestingly and natural than anything I can try and set up.  I see a towel on the bathroom sink, or the way I happened to toss the fruit onto the kitchen counter after unpacking groceries..... and I  think...that's perfect just the way it is!  .. how come I can't seems to do that on purpose???    This orange and ribbon were set aside on the table in my studio room and caught my attention, I painted them just the way I found them.  I used this small panel that I had "primed" with a mix of zinc white and raw umber, to try something different.  I liked it very much, and want to try it again. Maybe even try to do more "found" subjects in my paintings. 


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