Monday, October 15, 2012

"Complimentary Pears" Oil on 8x6 hardboard

8x6 Oil on board


I finally had a chance to take pictures of this, and post it.. I was having trouble uploading the image to ebay, and found out on their message board that there is a temporary problem uploading images using firefox, so they suggested using a different browser until they can resolve it.   I used explorer instead to create the ebay auction listing for this painting, and was able to upload the image with no problem. 
Just thought I'd mention this in case any one else had encountered the same problem.  :-)


  1. Asombrosa versión de la realidad.
    Debbie, su técnica es exquisita.
    Mil felicitaciones.

  2. I feel your pain about getting images ready; love your demo on this. You're so methodical, my brushwork is all over the place, sheer chaos.


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