Monday, March 25, 2013

Cup with Fruit and Book... (WIP)

 I set this little still life up the other day, and began to paint thinking I would change the design on the cup. So, I made up a design to put on it, thinking it looked pretty good.   But,  I didn't like the blandness of the gray background and decided green would be a nice color to add.  I painted it a warm greenish gray, and didn't like that, so I scraped it off and painted it more of a blue/green color, which I thought was great until some time went by and I saw it again and it looked too bright of a color.

 I scraped it off... and decided I didn't like the design I had made up on the cup, so I scraped that off, and repainted it with the original design.  Then repainted the background with a neutral sort of orange color...

and the whole time.. I'm thinking..  .... Why haven't you learned your lesson!!! How many times do I have to tell you????  Don't start painting until you are sure of what you are doing!!!!!!!!
I really like the orange slices and the grapes tho... so.... that won't change, but who knows where the rest will go??


  1. I truly admire the grapes and oranges slices, just the right amount of reflection and moisture.
    And I can only guess about the color shifts in the whites you made. A lot of work but just gorgeous results. But what most attracted me was the design (2nd Image)on the cup, my mothers favorite teacup!

    1. Jim, Thank you so much! that tea cup is from the set I got for my wedding.

  2. I understand the frustration of getting into a painting and then thinking ..."Don't start painting until you are sure of what you are doing!!!!!!" However, I think sometimes you can't know what you are doing until you see it and however many preparatory thumbnails in color and b&w just don't cut it. It's a journey and a search and as long as you arrive at the destination, unscathed and happy, you are the only one who is beating yourself up! If only I took my own advice.....

  3. Thank you Anonymous! You're right, it is a search sometimes, and maybe then, when the result is finally found, it's all the more satisfying for the extra time and effort it took to get there :-)

  4. Beautiful work Debbie. I admire your ability to go back into the painting and not fear the unknown per say. The new design and background really made a difference. The warmer hue seems to bring the painting together more.

    Beautiful work as always!


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