Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Lemon, Blue and Green" OIl on 5x7 inch board


I haven't been able to take any pictures or post anything in a few days,  I was having problems with my camera.  I have been painting though, and now that I have a working camera, I can catch up.  I set my previous painting aside, (the one of the eggs, butter and sugar bowl) because I want to make some changes.  I started this one, I like the combination of the blue and yellow.  And, now that I look at it, I notice the green leaves and the leaf shapes on the wall paper make a nice combination also!


  1. You've nailed the design on this one, Debbie, and just hit it out of the park!

    The background really adds so much design interest, the books are great, and of course that lovely lemon is just positioned and colored for catching the eye!

    Fantastic job!

  2. Robert, Thank you for all of your wonderful comments!

  3. The books are wonderful, the lemon is wonderful, the wall paper is wonderful I guess what I am trying to say is this whole painting sings wonderful.


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