Monday, April 8, 2013

"Fruitfull" Oil on 5x7 board


I drew my set up first.  I find that if the drawing keeps me interested, I will enjoy painting it.  If I get impatient and don't want to finish the drawing, I know to do something different.

Instead of drawing it over again on my board, I decided to trace my drawing and transfer it to my board.  After tracing it, I retraced on the back with a charcoal pencil, and laid the tracing paper over my board and rubbed the drawing onto it.  (it occurred to me as I saw the reversed image, that the painting would look good flopped the other way too... hmmm...I couldn't decide, so I stayed with what I already had done).

Painting in... so fun!  I love painting over the gray colored ground, (which is a mix of white and raw umber acrylic paint)  The colors just pop!

Almost done.. just one grape to go.  I love all the different colors in this one contrasted against the black book cover and gray background.


  1. Debbie, you always have neat compositions- love the book!

  2. Your work is lovely and I loved the explanation of your process.

  3. Debbie I just loved your paintings esp the still lifes. I too enjoy painting still lifes but I am not able to setup one on my own. Could you please give me an idea how to setup a still life?

  4. colorful

    like it


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