Monday, May 6, 2013

"Apple and Book" Oil on 5x7 in. board


I had a hard time getting an accurate photo of this one.  The red always came too bright.  I tried my best to get it looking as close as I could.  But, then, everyone's monitor is different too, so ... how close can I really get???  It's a nice, quiet little painting, I like it alot. 


  1. So beautiful. I love your work so much. I'm always surprised by it being only 5x7". I can't seem to work that small...maybe my brushes are too big. You seem to use the same book in your still lifes. Is it a book that has special meaning or just one that looks right?

    1. Thank you Jana! The book is an old one someone gave me years ago, along with a stack of old art magazines they found in a garage. It's title is "The Important Pictures of the Louvre" it's from 1923, and has just a few small black and white pictures in it. It's not very interesting to look through, but it is just the perfect size to put into a small still life set up. I should probably read it sometime!

  2. So lovely. The graceful curves are so pleasing to take in, visually anchored by the book. The neutral colors do the same for the stronger reds and greens. This is one of my favorites!


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