Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Fruit and Eggs" Oil on 5x7 inch board


This painting started out with just the eggs and bananas on a light background.  It seemed kind of bland to me the way it was, so I added a dark background and the pomegranate.  I like it much better now. 


  1. Beautiful Debbie! I've been working on my edges lately, and finally realize how hard they tend to be. That made me notice how soft and varied you make yours. Not that I want to blame my brush (wish I could), but what brushes do you use? Every little bit of info helps I think. Thanks!

  2. Thank You Judy, I've been reminding myself to pay more attention to edges lately too! I have all kinds of brushes, and there's not really any that I like in particular. I don't use anything too stiff.. it just doesn't work for me. Softer ones work, but they can't be too soft, they don't spread the paint. I like some synthetic brushes. I have some meant for acrylic painting, like "golden taklon". Even cheap ones work, I bought a set of short handle synthetic brushes from Michaels that worked out ok. Whenever I've used good sable ones, it seems that the hairs always fall out onto my painting!


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