Sunday, August 11, 2013

"Black Plum, White Creamer, and Grapes on Grey"


I wanted to paint something with 3 obvious values.. black, white and a medium grey.  I started with just the little creamer, and plum... but it was too plain, and so added the grapes.  This is painted on a linen panel, which is different for me.  A quick note about the spelling of the word grey... or gray??  I never know which way to spell it,  so, I looked it up and it seems both are acceptable. 


  1. Lovely painting Debbie! I always love how you vary your still life arrangements to keep them interesting. Your art is always so pleasing to the eye. As far as I know both spellings of the work grey/gray are acceptable, I believe one is American and the other British maybe?

    1. Thank You for the nice comments on my work Vanessa! and I think you are right about the spellings, I looked it up, and gray is used mostly in America, and grey in England.

  2. It's gorgeous, like everything you paint Debbie!!! I'm always so inspired by your fruit and floral paintings. (It's especially exciting to see you tackle the pattern backgrounds, wonderful.)


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