Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Creamer with Persimmon and Pear" Oil on board 6x8 inches

Hello! and Happy New Year!   This is the first painting I've done this year.    I had gotten a variety of fruits a couple of weeks ago, but busy with the holidays, I just didn't have the time to spend painting them.  So, I thought I might spend a bit of time making some arrangements with the fruit and other objects and photographing them white they were still fresh.   Now, with the holidays over, I still have a few pieces of this fruit to refer to,  but it was fun looking back over my photos and choosing one to paint.  I don't usually work this way, but it was fun and worked out nicely.
(note: at the time I took the photo of the painting, I hadn't signed it, but it is signed now)

I set my ipad up with my photo displayed to paint by!

Here are a couple of progress photos.
Thanks for taking the time to look at my artwork!


  1. Just lovely, Debbie! You are so very skilled! Great work!

  2. Nice painting Debbie! I love that you posted the progression pictures as well.

  3. Do you mind sharing a little technique on the under painting?

    You are using Burnt Umber? Are you just laying in the darks? or are you covering the panel and doing a complete value plan?

    My question really is whether you are adding white to the burnt umber while doing the value study?

    I was using Transparent Red Oxide and trying to use OMS to thin the paint in light areas, wiping out, or using a little more pigment for darker values.

    The thing is, doing it that way can work. but the brush strokes bleed because of the oms. It reminds me of water color, doing wet into wet. While trying to lay down a darker value next to a lighter value, the thicker paint that touches the thinned with OMS, while wet, kind of bleeds into it a little bit, creating difficulties keeping the shapes.

    Just curious on how you handle your under painting. IF you'd be willing to share a little know how, I'd appreciate it.


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