Sunday, January 8, 2017

"Cup of Strawberries" Oil on 5x7 in. board


Happy New Year to all!  Here is a new little painting to start the year off... I am looking forward to lots of painting and drawing this year, especially during the cold winter months. The days may be shorter, but I spend more time inside. 


  1. I love your paintings - they are so life-like without ever looking stiff! I did a quick search, and didn't find any videos by you on youtube - but I would LOVE to see you paint if you ever made one!

    1. Thank you Rebecca! I would like to try doing a short painting video one day, nothing too instructional, just for fun :-)

  2. I love everything you paint, Ms Debbie. (More please.) Looking forward to seeing new work!

  3. Outstanding work. I have just discovered much beauty in the style and composition of your paintings. Flawless color and values.


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