Friday, June 6, 2008

Orange Bell Pepper (in progress)

I finally recieved my art supply order of painting panels and some new tubes of paint and a brand new glass palette! I'm excited because one of my new colors is Cadmium orange, which I have never had before. I always passed on it in the store thinking I could always use cad. yellow, and cad. red to make it... and they are so expensive.. but Wow!! I'm so happy I have it now, it's such a great color. So, here's what I worked on today, an orange bell pepper, and some chive flowers. The pepper is from the store, the chives from my garden.
It was such a hot day today, summer seems to have arrived all at once out of the blue. It is about 90 degrees today. Just a couple days ago, it was in the 60's. It seemed to me that the hot orange color in my painting seemed to fit how it felt today.

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