Sunday, September 21, 2008

Red Pear Oil on 5x5 board

I painted this red pear today on an ampersand gessobord. The previous painting of the cantalope was done on a canvas board and I can see the difference in the way I paint on different surfaces. I like them both, but I wonder if I'll ever prefer one over the other as time goes by??

Also, I thought I would mention a couple of websites that I have been enjoying. These 2 artists each use"" to broadcast a live, interactive painting session from their own studio. The sessions are also recorded so you can view them at a later time. They are David Darrow, and Susan Carlin. I have a link to their sites in the "favorite blogs" section on the side of my blog page. Check it out some time, it's a real treat to watch a painting session in real time! There is also a live chat available to communicate with the artist. I haven't tried that yet, but it's not necessary to sign in to watch.

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