Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Watermelon Slices

Oil on 6"x6" Ampersand Gessobord

These last few slices of watermelon were getting a little too ripe, so I didn't mind using them to paint. They were going to get tossed out anyway, at least they made a good subject before they went.


  1. Debbie, beautiful work! Your red pear is sort of regal looking. You know, I don't think I've ever seen a red pear in real life, just pictures. You've certainly captured it's lovely color and texture. I seen a lot of bad watermelon paintings, so they must be a bit tricky. Yours sings praises to my southern eyes. Really perfect color and so juicy. You are just too good!

  2. Marilyn, Thank you for all the compliments! I don't usually buy red pears, I bought this one just to paint it. After I was done, I ate it, and it was sooooo delicious, I couldn't believe how juicy it was! I'll have to buy them more often!

  3. Really lovely Debbie. You have a way with lovely soft color, and again, you've done a beautiful job with your setup and design.

  4. really terrific. You found that lovely balance between realism and artistic expression.


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