Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Listings on eBay

Today I was informed that 2 of my paintings were removed from eBay, because I had included a link to my blog in the description. The paintings had been bid on, and were within a day or 2 of auction end! geee... I had understood this rule about links, but I don't think the link itself was the problem, since links to a page that further describes an item is allowed, and that's why I included it. What isn't allowed is a link to a page that offers sale of items outside of eBay. I had read the rules, and thought I was ok, since I don't offer items for sale on my blog other than on eBay. I think my wording in the descriptions were misunderstood. I had written.."to see other views of this painting, and other paintings of mine, please visit my blog..." and then the blog link. I had another painting listed that wasn't removed. It had the same link in the description as the others, only I hadn't added the.. and other paintings of mine part. How confusing is this!!!!!!!!?????? geeeeezzzz!! Couldn't eBay at least send out an email or something first before they yank your listings off in the middle of an auction?? So, anyway, I reworded my descriptions and relisted both paintings, and hopefully the bidders will re-bid.
Ohh Welll... I guess if thats the worst thing that happens to me today, I'm in good shape. :)
Now, I'll go back to what I was doing before all this happened and PAINT!!!! :) :) ;)


  1. Good Grief! I have had some success on eBay but its still a mystery to me. It seems like no matter what I do when I'm listing my catagories - my painting never shows up where I think it should be. Sometimes they drive me crazy.
    I agree - an email would have handled the situation much better.

  2. Thanks Cara, I agree. I suppose there will be some snags along the way,though, with ebay, or computer difficulties, or whatever, but for the most part I have to say it's been fun.

  3. Sorry to hear of your eBay problem. It seems so random. I see a lot of people consistently doing much more than you've done with your links. You'd think that they would check your blog to see if you're actually selling before they decide to yank. Did you have to eat the listing fees? Ugh.

  4. Jennifer, Thanks for commenting! I didn't have to pay the listing fees again when I re listed them. It sort of worked out the same way it would if the paintings had gone unsold, and were listed again.
    I remember reading in Karin Jurick's blog, that a similar thing happened to one of her paintings on ebay. So, I didn't feel so bad. It was last Dec. or Jan.? when ebay pulled her painting of a house off simply because she had used the wording, " inspired by" in her discription. It must have been misinterpreted to mean that she might have copied something, which wasn't her meaning at all!! So, I guess these things can happen to anybody.


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