Friday, September 26, 2008

watermelon slices , Oil on 6x6 board

I don't know why I have had so much trouble getting an accurate image of this painting. I usually do wind up taking many photos of paintings in different lighting, but this one for some reason, just would never come out as perfectly as I wanted. Either the reds were too red, or the background was too chalky looking.. the highlights on the red watermelon would look way too pink... and so on. So, after a few hours of trying to pick the one best photo, I am giving up and I'm just going to post the 2 or 3 best ones.
This will be posted on ebay later this evening.


  1. It's always amazing the different ways the camera will interpret our work. Let's face it, photography can never yield forth the richness and luminosity and often the correct colors of our paintings. Only the purchaser (ebayer) can see the beautiful effects. I love to exceed their expectations as I know your buyers are pleasantly rewarded when seeing your paintings for the first time.

  2. Thanks Marilyn, I know you understand how frustrating these things can be at times :-) We can only try our best, and hopefully the images on the computer are close enough to the real thing. I'm constantly amazed at how the lighting a painting is viewed under will change our perception of it's colors, values, and temperatures!

  3. Had to stop...thought your watermelons were a photo... really cool...Amamzing

  4. what a great compliment, thank you Sylvia!


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