Friday, December 12, 2008


Copy of Botticelli's " The Annunciation" Oil on 12"x16" Canvas

As long as I can remember, I have always loved renaissance painters, and Botticelli is one of my favorites. Years ago, I saw this painting in a book, and was so inspired and fascinated by it, I just had to paint it myself, and I really didn't have much experience with oil painting, but, I did it anyway, and it was a pleasant experience. I learned alot about the paint, and mediums, brushes, etc, and I look at this painting today, and wonder how I was able to do it. ??? God knows, but I thought I would practice with my watercolors this time, and use another painting of Botticelli's to go by. And since it's the Christmas season, this subject appeals to me all the more.

Copy of Botticelli's " Madonna with Child and an Angel"

Here is my start, using watercolors on winsor & newton w/c paper. The smaller image is a print out from the computer that I'm using for my reference.


  1. OK Debbie. I quit. LOL You are just too good and I'm going to crawl back under my rock. Absolutely stunning.

  2. Marilyn, That's always my same reaction when ever I see a good painting! hahaha ... but, I wouldn't doubt for a minute that you could do a stunning copy of any painting you choose, you're loaded with talent!!


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