Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Bananas and Red Grapes" 8"x6" Oil on Canvas Panel

Here is the finished painting, and I really like this one! I had a pleasant time painting it, I didn't change my mind about anything 1/2 way into it like I usually do, and I liked the canvas texture for a change from the smooth hard panels I've been using. I like the smooth panels too, I just think it's nice to change once and a while. I feel like I paint differently on different surfaces. Just the same way as I draw or write differently depending on what kind of pen, or pencil I'm using. It's nothing I do on purpose, it just turns out different all on it's own.

I had posed these bananas and grapes a few different ways, and to help me decide which way I liked best, I took a picture of each different set up. The pictures helped me to remember each of the different ways I had positioned the fruit. Then I could look at them all at once on my monitor, and pick the one I liked best. Then,I set my fruit up that way, and painted it from life.


  1. Your paintings are 1000 percent beautiful!!

  2. Hi Debbie, Nice idea to place the grape cluster atop the bananas.

    It's interesting for me to hear about your still-life set-up process. I am doing something very similar myself, and I agree with you--- it is a good way of developing a pleasing composition. Also am enjoying how you have been showing a work in progress on your easel, prior to showing the finished piece.


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