Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grapes (in progress) 8x6 canvas panel

I had started a painting of a bread roll,knife and butter the other day... but, it just wasn't going very well. So, I scraped that one, and today, I'm starting this one. More grapes. I love their color, and especially the pretty highlights on them. I hope this one goes better, I'm going to try to slow down, and think more about what I'm painting.

I did a little experiment with a photo of the grapes themselves. I put the image into photoshop, and sampled the colors in different parts of the grapes. It brings the color you click on into a little box on the color chart. Seeing that little square of color separated from the picture looks so different from what I expect. I expected to see some bright deep reds, and they were all more brown than I would have thought, and where some of the grapes seem to turn a bit green, it wasn't green at all, but a very brownish yellow! Where I thought something was dark purple, it wasn't at all. It's a good lesson for me, to realize that sometimes my eyes see what my brain expects them to see, not always what's really there.

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