Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Passion for Painting

Thank you to Edward Burton, who sent this "A Passion for Painting" award to me. I think he is a very talented painter, and I admire his paintings. It certainly fits, because I do have a passion for painting, and a passion for learning more about art and painting.
The rules of the award, are to put a link in your post of the blog of the person who sent the award. And to list 7 things you love... and then to list 7 others who you'd like to give the award to, and let them know.
My 7 things I love:
1. I love my family and friends
2. I love to spend a day at an art gallery!
3. I love to spend time browsing at the art supply store.
4. I love getting a package of new art supplies in the mail!!!
5. I love painting a good picture.
6. I love being at the beach
7. I love drawing!!
And, here are 7 other artists I'd like to pass this award along to:
(please don't feel you have to participate, especially if you've already received one of these awards)
1. Marilyn King
2. Taryn Day
3. Myra Anderson
4. Diane Hoeptner
5. Dar Presto
6. R. Garriott
7. Dana Cooper


  1. You're welcome, Debbie, it is well deserved. Thank you for your kind comment. You have a very nice list.

  2. Thank you very much! I really appreciate this!

  3. I feel very honored to be in such good company. Thanks, Debbie!

  4. Debbie, thanks so very much for including me in your list. I feel honored, and I've enjoyed looking over your blog. Your flower paintings are quite lovely.


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